Our Story

Mahogany & King has a CALLING to curate and offer an exclusive collection of contemporary wardrobe and lifestyle options by innovative Black Designers and Brands from all over the globe.

Brands to elevate your personal style and self-expression with unique and distinct pieces from elite Designers, Artisans and Creatives. There will be no question that you have a Mahogany & King selection.

Our VISION is to help solidify that space within the fashion market where contemporary style and Black owned brands are synonymous with quality, luxury, beauty, visibility and are globally accessible. While creating a platform where the creativity, design, quality and craftsmanship of Black Brands are illuminated.

All too often in the context of contemporary fashion Black owned brands are viewed as lesser quality, undesirably traditional, or only for “us”. This ideal is unequivocally untrue, Mahogany & King knows the hands of our people; creating beauty and shifting culture for centuries.

Essentially, where are curating a space where fashion, style, afro-centered brands & aesthetics harmonize for all to enjoy.

    Mahogany & King is for:
    1. Bold & Courageous individuals who are unapologetic in their self-expression
    2. Quiet & understated individuals who want to display their depth through style
    3. Individuals who seek quality, luxury and unique pieces with a story
    4. The individual whose style is ever evolving
    Friney (Free) Labranche

    Owner | Curator | Dreamer | Lover of Pretty Things 

    Since I was 9 years old, I’ve always known what I wanted to do; Fashion Entrepreneurship without a doubt. It started with changing outfits every 15 minutes to go play outside; hand sewing clothing for my cabbage patch for my summer vacations; to being in absolute bliss in clothing and textiles class in junior high and high school.

    Dressing and styling my girls for a night out then sitting back and watching the compliments roll in while recognizing how beautiful they felt was par for the course. Pushing the boundaries with my own style was essential. I still can spend hours walking around looking and feeling clothing while creating outfits in my head.  

    Mahogany & King is my baby, I’ve carried her in my soul for over 20 years but didn't know how to manifest her. Within that time, I’ve explored a lot within the fashion and retail space from Assistant Management/Merchandiser at famed luxury brand BCBG Max Azria (remember the bandage dress craze circa early 2010’s?); organizing and styling fashion shows; Boutique Manager at a private high-end clothing boutique. I’ve gotten my hands dirty cosmetics merchandizing and my eyes opened to the background processes of the modeling, styling and photography industries while interning at the international modeling agency IModel Management.

    Needless to say, I have spent many years planting seeds towards cultivating my goals, but despite of all the lessons learned in these spaces it still didn’t feel like I found my place. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, with a Women and Gender Studies minor and finally a Fashion Styling Diploma. Then, there it was I finally understood my assignment; build a boutique that is unlike anything else they have seen before. I saw the gaps and recognized a fruitful niche opportunity – Black owned Brands in the contemporary fashion market that are accessible …. Where were they?

    Welcome MAHOGANY & KING ...... The rest of the journey is still being written